Los Angeles Apparel PT301 Women’s Sublimation T-Shirt

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A dye-printing technique that allows for your ideas to be displayed at their max potential. The bold color, lightweight material, and “all-over” printable area are the definition of cool – so what are you waiting for? Take your brand to new heights!

  • Available in sizes S-2XL
  • 100% polyester construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Light, soft material
  • Men’s cut also available

A comfortable and lightweight 100% polyester t-shirt, made of a fine count yarn. This t-shirt is specifically designed for sublimation printing and its cut is specially made to reduce the possibility of white streaks.

Turn your all-over design into a premium product with our new cut & sew t-shirts!

Print sizes

In order to print high quality prints, we need high quality print files. So here are print file design guidelines.

All print files must be scaled to print size. Graphics that do not meet our guidelines might not be printed correctly.

  • We can’t guarantee exact placement for graphics (like under the collar or on sleeves).
  • Best when designed with patterns and full bleed images.
  • Exact pattern alignment on seams cannot be guaranteed.
  • Making a seamless image that goes from front to back is not possible.
  • Price includes full print.
  • Any space without graphics prints out white.

Matching your design on both sides

The 36″x32″ print file is scaled down proportionately for smaller shirt sizes. Maintain dimensions when saving and uploading to us.

Download Los Angeles Apparel PT301 Sublimation T-shirt Guideline

Must follow print file guides

  1. File formats
    Please submit your files in JPG, PNG or PSD format/at least 150 dpi.
  2. File dimensions & uploading
    Please maintain dimensions when saving and uploading to us.
    We suggest full-bleed images to avoid white areas around the edges of the shirt.
    Remove guidelines when saving image-based file (.JPG or .PNG).
  3. Outline your fonts
    All fonts in the print files should be converted to outlines so you don’t have to send over the font files.

Smudges & White Streaks

Expect to have smudges, blurs and creasing near edges, seams and collars of garment. When printing flat artwork onto a constructed garment, some imperfections will occur, particularly under the arm. Keep this in mind when designing, specifically placement of important artwork.

Single-Sided Prints

Single-sided prints will show the bare garment color on the non-printed side. We currently offer sublimation apparel that is only available in white. Single-sided prints will clearly show the unprinted side if you use the full print area.


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